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Cloud is ubiquitous and is available everywhere because data is proliferating at an astronomical rate. To cope with the influx of data, it’s no longer effective for many organizations to have multiple data centers. A managed cloud

You’re enjoying your usually peaceful drive to work one morning when a call comes in. It’s the call all health system CISOs never hope to receive. The network and systems are shutting down. Nothing changes the ability

Every Healthcare organization works diligently to protect the information of patients, members, employees, customers, and caregivers. The amount of information collected and stored in the Healthcare world is staggering and requires careful attention. However, many business leaders

Mobile devices have become the go-to for a workforce that is increasingly decentralized and on-the-go, thanks to virtualization and cloud-based applications that make it easier than ever to access enterprise resources anywhere, anytime. As employees become more

The ability to protect personal data is top of mind across the world, emphasized by regulations like the European Union's GDPR. Now, individual states, such as California, are following the EU's lead, enacting data protection laws that

As technology and business performance become more inextricable, adopting the right talent, technology and a culture of innovation is imperative.  What do you need to know and how should you begin? Watch our webinar on-demand, "No IT

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