Unified Communications and Collaboration: Updated or Outdated?

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Unified Communications and Collaboration: Updated or Outdated?

Editor's note: Sirius and Forsythe are now one company. Sirius acquired Forsythe in October 2017 and we are pleased to share their exceptional thought leadership with you. 


Unified communications and collaboration, or the integration of communications and collaboration technologies, has evolved with the workplace. It is now a competitive differentiator for many companies.

This infographic shows you why unified communications and collaboration is so important in today’s more mobile, always connected work environment.

Consider these facts when you read the infographic below:

  • The average employee must collaborate with 10+ people to accomplish daily work tasks

  • Collaboration can reduce emails by 30% and increase work performance by 33%

  • By 2016, 40% of the workforce will be mobile

  • Online collaboration tools play an important role in 75% of companies

  • Video users report a 38% increase of improved retention in meetings that use video

Unified Communications and Collaboration Infographic

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