The 12 Most Popular Articles in 2015

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From encryption to vulnerability assessments and insider threats, security weighed heavily on our readers’ minds in 2015. As more IT organizations move to the cloud, topics such as configuration management, data center colocation, application optimization and cloud deployment also made the list.


1. 8 Steps to an Effective Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber attacks take advantage of basic, often unnoticed security vulnerabilities. Poor patch management, weak passwords, and the lack of robust security policies are easy targets. An effective vulnerability assessment a critical first step in the effort to protect data.

2. 9 Steps to Implementing a Successful Configuration Management System

This nine-step plan can help create an actionable strategy implementing a configuration management system so that your IT organization will be in a position to add value and enhance your organization's management capabilities.

3. 10 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Data Loss Prevention

These days a security breach is inevitable. The loss of sensitive data and other forms of enterprise information can lead to significant financial losses and reputational damage. Learn why data loss prevention is essential.

4. 7 Key Elements of a Successful Encryption Strategy

With careful planning and equal investments in people, process and technology, you can navigate the variety of enterprise encryption options at your disposal and stay ahead of threats while reducing complexity and compliance costs. 

5. 10 Keys to Choosing a Data Center Colocation Provider

It is critical to select a colocation provider that is your partner, not just a facility. Learn how to find a provider who can help you meet your business goals and scale your IT over time.

6. 10 Trends that Will Impact Your Data Center in 2016

Partnering with a colocation provider can offer greater agility, security, reliability; reduced capital expenditures and operational expenditures; and the ability to quickly scale. Learn the data center trends that can impact your partnership decision.

7. The Building Blocks of Application-Centric IT

Businesses can optimize application performance by developing strategies for the rationalization, placement, transport, consumption and security of the applications they support. Explore how your organization can become application centric.

8. How to Navigate the Shifting Storage Landscape

Challenges will always accompany transformational shifts in data storage, but with an accurate roadmap and the right tools, organizations can navigate even the rockiest terrain.

9. Avoid the Top 12 Cloud Deployment Mistakes

Cloud deployments are a challenge for any organization, especially if you’re operating under false impressions or classic cloud myths. Read on as we debunk the top 12 myths.

10. Dealing with the Devil You Know Cyber Security and the Insider Threat

In today’s cyber-security landscape, it’s no longer enough to look outwards; in order to effectively address insider threats, security teams should also look inwards. Learn why a comprehensive insider threat strategy is essential.

11. 10 Thoughts on Security to Change Your Perspective

As threats evolve, so must our actions to protect company and employee data. Here are 10 quotes featured in FOCUS Magazine online that provide some perspective on the current state of IT security.

12. Security within IT: A Risky Proposition?

As competitive pressures push IT organizations to “do more with less,” the disproportional investment in people and processes that are expected to support new or changed technologies often increases IT-related risks in the organization. Learn why your organizational structure may need changes.


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