The 10 Most-Read Articles in 2016

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From digital transformation to configuration management to data center colocation to BC/DR, a lot of topics were of interest in 2016. And as more IT organizations put efforts toward security, the topics of vulnerability assessments, data loss prevention, mobile security, and encryption were all in the top 5.

Here is our list of our top 10 most popular stories of 2016:


1. 8 Steps to an Effective Vulnerability Assessment

Learn how you can arm your organization with the critical information needed to make informed cyber security decisions.


2. 10 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention can transform sensitive data into an operational asset. Learn how.


3. Mobile Device Security in the Workplace: 5 Key Risks and a Surprising Challenge

To secure data on mobile devices, you must understand their inherent risks and challenges.


4. Digital Transformation: Are You Going to Lead an IT Evolution or Revolution?

Learn how to you can transform your company into an agile, secure and digital business.


5. 7 Key Elements of a Successful Encryption Strategy

These seven key elements can help you build a successful end-to-end approach to encryption.


6. 9 Steps to Implementing a Successful Configuration Management System

Learn how to plan and design your configuration management system (CMS) so it enhances your company's management capabilities.


7. 10 Trends that Will Impact Your Data Center in 2016

Explore the top 10 trends that will impact your data center in 2016. Make sure you check out numbers four and eight.


8. 10 Keys to Choosing a Data Center Colocation Provider

Many factors define a successful relationship with a colocation provider. Find out what should be on your check list.


9. 4 Key Components of a Successful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program

A successful BC/DR program has four key areas that stand out. Find out what they are.


10. 5 Key Factors of a Successful Monitoring Program

These five things can help an IT organization improve its monitoring management capabilities and maximize its related value.


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