From Old IT to New IT: An Operating Model of Agility and Precision

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Old IT to New IT

Editor's note: Sirius and Forsythe are now one company. Sirius acquired Forsythe in October 2017 and we are pleased to share their exceptional thought leadership with you. 


For decades, IT was designed to run systems of record applications. Conversely, business units have rapidly adopted systems of engagement. As a result, new stress points have emerged in data centers, infrastructures and devices, driving down productivity, increasing complexity and building distrust throughout the organization.

The common bond between business and IT is the application portfolio that IT supports and delivers. This application layer is like a neutral zone between business and IT. Over time, applications pile up and lose financial value and usefulness. Improving your IT operating model starts here; IT and the business must sit down and work together to remove dead weight in the portfolio.

By using a unified, fact-based, data-driven application scoring method, you can clearly quantify IT’s business value instead of making forced justifications. And IT can quickly help the business be better positioned to compete digitally.

View the on-demand recording to explore

  • The methodology behind revealing the true value of your application portfolio.
  • The steps to turning “Old IT” into a new, lean operating model.
  • Ways to improve your yield curve of value over cost.
  • How to accelerate innovation and help enable the business to compete digitally.

Check out the slides from the Meet the Experts web event,
or listen to the on-demand recording below.

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