Define & Align: Building a Business Transformation Charter

PODCAST ― Business transformation is not a roadmap that your business will follow, step by step, milestone after milestone until you reach a destination or end-goal called “digital transformation.” A final destination does not exist—transformation is more like an on-going charter—you set out with well-reasoned and well-supported intentions (a strong business case and buy-in from the C-suite) for your business to venture into the future. The unexpected will occur, but your business will learn from it.

Listen to this episode to learn about 6 guidelines for crafting a charter for your business transformation:

  1. Define what transformation means to your enterprise and your customer.
  2. Align IT and business.
  3. Laser-focus on one thing you do really well.
  4. Lead with a Tiger Team—and make it a brilliant one.
  5. Innovation is the key driver of transformation and, to innovate, you must allow for iteration and failure.
  6. Build in security and privacy.

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