Supply Chain Attacks and IoT Devices—Know How to Limit Your Risk

1 minute read

Supply chain attacks came into focus recently with the discovery of the SolarWinds breach late last year. The shockwaves from this breach continue and it’s clear that no industry or entity is outside of the impact zone.

Supply chain attacks are an increasingly popular attack method for hackers. Companies are adopting better security practices and technology solutions are improving their built-in security features. That leaves attackers looking for easier vulnerabilities to leverage, which can include IoT devices.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How IoT, OT and IoMT devices may be impacted by supply chain attacks
  • Three ways to reduce the impact of an attack on these devices
  • How to safely bridge the gap when transferring data from your devices through your network
  • The role of least privilege and how it’s defined for IoT

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