Defend Your Data Inside and Out

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Defend Your Data Inside and Out

It is important to be aware of potential threats when it comes to keeping your data safe. With data protection becoming more top-of-mind, many organizations are working on solutions to keep information assets safe from attacks and mistakes — whether the danger is coming from cyber attacks or unintentional misuse by insiders.

Consider these facts when you view the infographic below to help keep your company’s data in safe hands:

  • Preventing cyber attacks is a growing IT concern for many companies.

  • 30% of global 2000 companies will have been directly compromised by independent cyber activists or cyber criminals by 2020.

  • Mobile device attacks are typically designed to gain control of the device and access content.

  • Not all data loss is the result of a cyber attack, inadvertent mishandled data by employees can be a significant factor. 

Defend Your Data Inside and Out

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