Build a Strong Encryption Strategy: 7 Essential Components

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Encryption Strategy

Security challenges combined with eager cyber attackers have led enterprise data breaches to increase at an alarming pace. For example, last year in the second quarter alone there were 237 data breaches that exposed more than 175 million records worldwide—almost 2 million stolen records per day. Of all those stolen records, only one percent were encrypted and therefore useless to hackers, according to the SafeNet Breach Level Index.

While the value of encryption is understood, it can be an intimidating solution to implement and most companies struggle to use it effectively.

You can leverage encryption to help provide persistent data protection once you understand the key elements of a successful strategy.

View the on-demand recording to explore:

  • What encryption can and cannot do.

  • How to determine what to encrypt and tips for finding the right solution.

  • Overcoming the data-in-use challenge.

  • Avoiding malicious insider activity and “access creep”.

  • Addressing the “bad guys” use of encryption to hide threats.

 Check out the slides from the Meet the Experts web event,
or listen to the on-demand recording below.

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