5 Key Factors When Considering Endpoint Security

1 minute read

Endpoints remain the most attractive target for hackers as a point of entry because they’re connected to the weakest link in enterprise data protection: humans.

Join us to learn:

  • Why evolving threats require increased endpoint defense capabilities
  • What organizations can do to protect against known and unknown threats, while reducing manual processes for administrators
  • The primary capabilities of endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools, and how you can find the right fit for your business
  • Where your organization sits on the endpoint security maturity scale
  • Keys to mastering modern endpoint security

Endpoints are everywhere, and endpoint security is evolving. A new generation of products and services is helping organizations keep pace with modern threats and advance beyond traditional, prevention-oriented endpoint protection to a more comprehensive — and realistic — focus on detection and incident response.

Check out the slides from the Meet the Experts web event,
or listen to the on-demand recording below.

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