Why Are IT Leaders Making the Shift Toward IT Services?

PODCAST ― One common IT issue every business can relate to: effectively managing their business-critical data. If you can get past dealing with unpredictable growth, over-provisioning and under-provisioning, you’ll also have to survive painful forklift upgrades every three to five years. Sweet.

It can be tough to forecast your organization’s needs. The purchasing and procurement process can be time consuming and inefficient, often accounting for the peak, or worst-case scenario, rather than the expected day-to-day usage. With limited human and financial resources, IT leaders are looking to storage services and subscription options to accommodate growth gaps.

Listen to this episode to:

  • Escape dated storage practices  
  • Learn how to leverage public cloud and scale workloads across your environment
  • Understand the modern storage-as-a-service model
  • Find out why IT leaders are making the shift toward IT services

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