Why You Should Know Your Data Center from the Floor to the Ceiling

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This is an excerpt from the new The Essential Guide to the Data Center Facility of the Future.

Building more data center floor space will not solve all of your problems.

The key is to have a full picture of how potential failures and outages could impact your data center.

Many data center managers don’t have full visibility into the failures and outages that can occur in their data centers.

If you don’t know all the risks, you may have to deal with the following:

  • Things are always breaking. With aging or poorly designed data centers, there is always another problem just around the corner. It’s like having a 20-year-old car. You fix one thing, and another thing fails.

  • Unscheduled downtime. Today’s data centers support critical parts of the business, so unplanned outages can cause lasting damage. According to the Ponemon Institute, unscheduled downtime costs businesses an average of $7,900 per minute—41-percent increase from 2010. Trouble in the data center can also cause security concerns, legal problems and serious brand damage.

  • Hard hits to your capital budget. When your data center is down, you must operate in crisis mode. This means that you won’t have the time to properly plan the project and may overspend to fix the problem.

  • Constant distractions from your job. You won’t be able to concentrate on other projects if you are busy correcting problems in your data center. The bigger the problem, the more time and resources you must use to fix it.

Failures or outages likely signal a problem in the design, age or health of the building systems’ infrastructure. It can also be a capacity or load issue. If you can’t identify the cause of the failure, you may need to bring in forensic engineers to trace the problem.

The key is to understand all the potential failures and outages better so you can plan for them.

Failures in the data center may also cause your company to lose productivity, customers and revenue.

Understand all of the risks and potential failures that may occur so you can be ready for them.

To learn more about the data center of the future, get your copy of The Essential Guide to the Data Center Facility of the Future.

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