True Analytics in the Data Center

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Business needs are becoming more intricate in today’s ever-changing world of continuous digital transformation. Innovative organizations disrupt the marketplace through their use of insightful data; seamless, relevant and personalized user experience; and automated and agile processes—all within a secure environment. The age of digital disruption brings with it a volatile environment where only the most agile, secure and responsive organizations will succeed, and where understanding the future needs of your business is the key to remaining competitive.

The modern monitoring problem

Modern data centers are increasing in complexity and networks are experiencing exponential growth and soaring traffic volumes due to the continuous uptick of big data, software defined networks and cloud datacenters. As these IT environments expand in scale and heterogeneity, a solution that combines complete visibility and intelligent, analytics-driven data insights is becoming critical to the forward-thinking IT leader. Today’s enterprises are ever-evolving, and as they make the transformation to virtualized, on-demand cloud networks, their troubleshooting and monitoring platforms should also evolve to provide extensive visibility and awareness of the network at any time.

Traditional, disparate network monitoring and insight solutions operate at the network port level, and visibility is nearly non-existent. These solutions are not keeping pace with the needs of organizations, and they lack the visibility needed for extensive assessment, diagnostics, performance analytics and troubleshooting. However, applying a big data approach to network analytics can derive insights not readily achievable with separate monitoring and management tools.

The big challenge: managing vast quantities of data

As today’s systems become progressively unpredictable, the capacity to seamlessly adapt is crucial. Recent trends and shifts in the IT industry have led to technological advances in network tetration and the innovation of agent-based models that collect specific packet header metadata. This allows metadata – whether fabric encrypted or not – to be collected and then sent up through API’s. A telemetry platform then consumes the data to provide a full, holistic picture of the environment. This game-changing technology eliminates the full packet capture and snapshot views and secures data from the source destination in a way that can be fully seen and read. These data capture analysis methods derived from big data technologies and business analytics not only allows businesses to detect patterns and anomalies, but also lets them focus on application flows and analytics within their data center.

Businesses must have the optimal hardware in place to ensure a future-proof environment that delivers the capabilities needed for collecting analytical data at a line rate that is encrypted. Subsequently, IT leaders must be vigilant and adopt tools that will deliver complete transparency and intelligent control for optimized analytical insights based on the detailed information coming out of their IT systems. All while pivoting in-line with the complexity and pace of change

As digital transformation sends ripples through industries far and wide, businesses are facing a stark new reality: innovate or get left behind. The age of digital disruption is just beginning, and smart organizations are making moves now to ensure they can compete in the future. Sirius experts are dedicated to helping clients assess their data center and build a strategy for success. From security to growth preparation, cost savings and efficient resources, Sirius has you covered. For more information on networking security solutions, contact a Sirius expert today.


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