Top 5 Trends Impacting Data Center Facilities

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This is an excerpt from the new The Essential Guide to the Data Center Facility of the Future.

We survey our users twice a year to ask about their top concerns. For the past three years, availability, energy efficiency and adequate monitoring have vied for the top three spots.

Here are some ways these—and other—trends are impacting data centers:

1. Availability

Since an outage can impact millions of users, even a short period of downtime can make headlines. We are finding that data center managers want higher availability without sacrificing their utilization rates. They need to deploy servers at the snap of their fingers to meet customer demands— without putting their availability at risk.

2. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is not just about cost reduction. It also includes:

  • Design and deployment efficiency

  • Operational efficiency

  • Management and planning efficiency

  • Resource utilization

  • Spending optimization

3. Adequate Monitoring 

Data center managers also want more accurate insights into their assets, especially during a new build. If it is a retrofit, they are more concerned about asset utilization. In general, operators want to know, “What do I have, where is it and how is it operating?”

4. Scalability

The more flexibility you have, the easier it is to take on new business. You don’t want to be in a situation where your space, technology or systems prevent you from meeting customer demands. For example, you may need to separate your tier two, three, and four loads to give the data center greater flexibility and security. Build this separation into your data center’s design, so if a customer wants to double their business in the next year, you can help them do so.

5. Simplification 

The previous generation of data centers were designed like tailored suits. They were measured, cut, sewn and hemmed on site. Today’s data centers are built with blocks that can be deployed all at once or slowly over time. This allows you to use your existing infrastructure when you expand— reducing your costs and improving your utilization rates.

To learn more about the data center of the future, get your copy of The Essential Guide to the Data Center Facility of the Future.

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