The Power of Density is the Future of Your Data Center

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The Power of Density

The question when renting or building a data center has always been: How much space will we need to accommodate our current needs and future growth? There is a new answer: Companies can build the Infinite Data Center, which focuses on maximizing computing capacity without increasing data center floor space.

Designing and building a smaller high-density environment requires much less capital than a larger low-density facility and will enable you to operate your data center with significant savings from power consumption and other areas over time, while also improving overall performance. The trend toward higher-density IT equipment is expected to continue and accelerate in the years to come. You should be considering how to take advantage of these new technologies and whether your current data center environment is suited to support the high-density trend.

View the on-demand recording to explore:

  • The power of density and how to think vertically, not horizontally.

  • How you can achieve up to 700% greater rackspace utilization and four times the processing performance.

  • How to gain what can be millions of dollars in savings in capital and operating costs.

  • Why consolidation during refreshes is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss on, and how to make a powerful business case for change.

  • Migration best practices that mitigate risks and move your IT forward.

 Check out the slides from the Meet the Experts web event,
or listen to the on-demand recording below.

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