The Curious Case of Hybrid IT: 5 Things to Avoid

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The Curious Case of Hybrid IT: 5 Things to Avoid

While many organizations are making a calculated leap to hybrid IT, some are stumbling upon the hybrid design by chance. In a recent survey conducted by Forrester, two-thirds of the organizations ended up with hybrid IT by accident. Additionally, only 33 percent of the businesses had designed a comprehensive hybrid IT strategy from the ground up. The other interviewees reported having to triage an organic model, or that their current plans are spinning out of control.

Trying to transform your company’s infrastructure without the correct strategy and technical expertise can severely disrupt your business. It can lead to an unmanageable and risky mix of workload-specific hardware platforms and shadow IT that could tie your organization in knots.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Best practices for hybrid IT implementation ― plus five things to avoid
  • Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid IT
  • Tips for leveraging the latest hybrid IT tools
  • How to find the right mix of traditional, on-prem environments, along with private and public clouds

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