Should You Lease or Own Your Data Center?

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Should You Lease Your Own Data Center

This is an excerpt from the new The Essential Guide to the Data Center Facility of the Future.

Most enterprises have the following IT systems:

  • Conventional enterprise IT or legacy systems

  • On-premise, private clouds for mission-critical systems

  • Third-party, off-premise infrastructures such as managed services, hosting providers and cloud providers

For this reason, many enterprises are choosing a hybrid data center model where they own and operate an on-site data center and lease or colocate servers in a third-party facility. One data center holds more critical data, while the other serves as a secondary storage space. If you use a hybrid model, you can match your compute requirements with the infrastructure capabilities of your data center. For example, if you’re running a Tier 3 data center, you can put your most critical infrastructure in it while you save money by storing less critical infrastructure elsewhere. Putting backup equipment in a Tier 3 data center is a poor use of finances.

The hybrid data center model also offers a number of advantages:

  • You can balance your CAPEX and OPEX. In today’s economy, it’s often easier for enterprises to get an operating expense approved than a capital expense. Leasing or collocating data center space gives you predictable monthly costs and makes forecasting easier.

  • You can get up and running quickly when you lease space. Most decisions around expanding or upgrading a data center are left until it becomes an emergency. Building a data center could take years – which is too long to wait if you are out of storage. When you lease or colocate space, you can be operational within 90 days. If you need to add more capacity at a later date, your colocation provider can help you scale quickly and cost-effectively.

  • You don’t need to worry about maintaining the facility or equipment. Running a data center is probably not one of your company’s core areas of expertise. When you lease or colocate space, you leave the day-to-day operations of your data center to the experts,so you can focus on key IT initiatives. However, owning your own data center gives you complete control over every aspect of your facility, including where your data resides and who has access to your servers. This can make it easier for you to comply with industry regulations.

To learn more about the data center of the future, download The Essential Guide to the Data Center Facility of the Future.

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