Hybrid Data Center: The Path to the Hybrid Cloud

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Hybrid Data Center - Path to Hybrid Cloud

Cloud providers have changed industry standards for IT and have forever redefined how IT is being measured and delivered. For enterprise IT organizations, the hybrid data center approach is the path to the public and private cloud while mitigating risks.

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Forsythe FOCUS magazine has collected data about the hybrid data center to highlight the relevance of this topic.

Consider these facts when you read the infographic below:

  • 70 percent of organizations will pursue the hybrid cloud by 2015

  • The new metrics for IT are:

    • supply chain from order to floor in 16 days

    • self-service provisioning in less than 10 minutes

    • utilization levels at 70 percent

    • power at 1.07 power usage effectiveness (PUE)

    • server to admin ratio at 5,000 to one

    • cost of server per hour at two cents

  • The 4-minute mile analogy is the new standard or norm for IT organizations today

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