Dell Technologies World 2018: The Transformation Journey into 2030

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Dell Technologies World 2018 (DTW18) was held this May in Las Vegas, with 14,000 attendees from around the globe.

Making It Real: Dell EMC’s Transformation Journey into 2030 

"Make it Real” was this year’s central theme at DTW18. Michael Dell kicked things off by showcasing how customers are using their technology to change the world for the better. However, he also emphasized last year’s message that the four pillars of transformation (digital, IT, workforce and security) continue to be crucial in modernizing infrastructures. Building on last year’s momentum, Dell Technologies takes its transformation journey even further, all the way to the year 2030. 

This year at DTW18, Dell EMC presented a study they commissioned, Realizing 2030, that projects 12 years into the future with a forecast of how emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), will change how we live and work. The study surveyed 3,800 business leaders from 17 countries and 11 different industries, including healthcare, technology, manufacturing and retail. The report includes information on future trends, transformation status, barriers to success, as well as the ideal organization and how leaders can prepare.

In the study, industry experts were asked how new technologies will affect:

  • How we live
  • How we work
  • How we learn
  • Implications of human/machine partnerships
  • Tasks outsourced to a machine
  • Disruption in various industries

Read the full study to learn how each of these areas will be affected.

How Are Businesses Responding to the Demand for Transformation?

Findings from the Realizing 2030 study report that an overwhelming majority of businesses are embracing the changes ahead, and they’ve begun planning their digital transformation with a five-year strategy. 

Of the participants surveyed, only 1 percent of those believed they don’t require a digital transformation and have not done anything to develop a digital strategy. The remaining 99 percent of participants are actively working on their transformation, and they feel like they are currently struggling to keep up with the pace of industry disruption.

Barriers to IT Transformation Success

Of the surveyed participants, 93 percent noted that there are several barriers keeping them from being successful in their transformation and from being competitive in the market. 

Noted barriers to success included:

  • Struggling to keep up with the rapid change in technology
  • Working with outdated equipment
  • Experiencing difficulty in solving privacy and cybersecurity concerns

Getting Your Business Prepared

The Dell EMC experts that conducted Realizing 2030 concluded that we’re merely at the beginning of a massive transformation journey and that we’re moving at the slowest pace we’ll ever see. 

While not every business leader surveyed agreed on how certain technologies are shifting business operations, it’s clear that the majority agreed transformation is required to keep up.

So, where should you start? Business leaders are facing endless advice on how to accelerate and achieve their digital transformation. With constantly advancing solutions and many expert IT partners to choose from, businesses are in a prime position to prepare for the future. The key is choosing the right technology investments for your organization’s needs. With the right partner and technology, you can enable the business and achieve transformation goals. 

An experienced partner can help evaluate your organization’s current journey and provide the vision and strategy needed to achieve your digital transformation.

For more from DTW18, click here to see replays of the general sessions, interviews and panels.

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