Knowledge Sharing is the Key to Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Experience is the best teacher. Sharing real-scenario experience and knowledge is the driver behind a special This Week in Health IT (TWiHIT) series on ransomware and cybersecurity in healthcare.

Produced in collaboration with Sirius Healthcare, host Bill Russell and security leaders bring to light the issues and challenges fueling the ransomware crisis in healthcare. They discuss key factors to threat readiness, response and remediation including everything from data isolation and protection, to the importance of setting micro-perimeters, to real-time application security and access management.

Security expert and Solutions Architect, Matt Sickles, provides first-hand knowledge and insights from what he’s learned in helping many healthcare organizations through breaches and ransomware events in a six-part series of bite-sized podcasts.

The series culminates in an on-demand webinar in which executives from Sky Lakes Medical Center and Asante share their 2020 breach story and invaluable lessons learned.

To top it off, Sirius Healthcare recently published a case study relating how they were able to help one private orthopedic specialty medical practice thwart the devastating impacts of a ransomware attack.

We have made all of these resources available onour healthcare Cybersecurity Series hub in an effort to promote knowledge sharing as the key to overcoming the ransomware crisis in healthcare.

Get real-life ransomware and security knowledge now on the healthcare Cybersecurity Series hub.

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Sirius Healthcare is proud to partner with our sponsors in building more awareness and solutions around ransomware protection and cybersecurity across health systems. Our philosophy is we’re stronger together. Download this case study to find out how we teamed up with one of our sponsors to help a large medical services provider thwart the devastating impacts of a ransomware attack.

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