Coming Through a Ransomware Event

You’re enjoying your usually peaceful drive to work one morning when a call comes in. It’s the call all health system CISOs never hope to receive. The network and systems are shutting down. Nothing changes the ability to influence technology in a clinical environment and retain trust like a ransomware event. 

In this special episode of This Week in Health IT, Sky Lakes Medical Center provides a valuable, transparent perspective into the reality of cybersecurity risks by sharing the story of their October 2020 breach. John Gaede, CIO of Sky Lakes Medical Center, Lee Milligan (CIO) and Alfonso Powers (CISO) of Asante, delve into the events resulting from that ransomware attack on their electronic health record (EHR) system (hosted by Asante). They’re joined by healthcare cybersecurity expert Matt Sickles, CISO of Sirius Healthcare, who has guided many healthcare systems through ransomware events—from discovery to resolution.

Watch or listen in to get their perspectives on what worked well, what could have been done differently, and what they might have done to prevent an attack from the very beginning. Find out best practices being adopted across the industry, and learn how it will shape the future of technology in healthcare.  

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