The Future of Workspace: Breaking Down the Walls

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The Future of Workspace

Editor's note: Sirius and Forsythe are now one company. Sirius acquired Forsythe in October 2017 and we are pleased to share their exceptional thought leadership with you. 


Organizations are redefining the workspace to meet growing demands for flexible schedules, BYOD, and cloud computing. The future of workspace is a holistic blend of applications, communication, and mobility.

This infographic shows you why embracing flexibility and preparing for mobility can enhance efficiency and productivity while cutting costs to the business.

Consider these facts when you read the infographic below:

  • Collaboration can reduce emails by 30% and increase work performance by 33%

  • 68% of U.S. employees use non-approved applications, requiring higher data security

  • 83% of U.S. workers say flexibility is a priority when choosing a job

  • 63 million Americans will work from home by 2016

  • Flexible out-of-office work saves IBM more than $100 million a year on office space

Breaking Down Walls - The Future of Workspace

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