Achieve Better Product Delivery With Improved Observability

As organizations modernize legacy applications and adopt a microservices infrastructure, there grows a need for better visibility into performance of these complex, distributed systems.

Observability goes beyond traditional monitoring tools, which periodically sample and aggregate application and systems data. By continuously collecting a wider variety of telemetry, observability better supports organizations that are rapidly deploying new software and services. 

With better observability, organizations can:

  • More accurately identify the source of an issue
  • Catch and resolve issues early in development vs. after deployment
  • Create a smoother, more enjoyable user experience
  • Reduce operations costs by resolving issues quicker
  • Drive operational efficiency that enables innovation and growth, and more!

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about why
observability is necessary and how it can benefit your organization.

Sirius and IBM are partnering to help organizations build, deploy and manage security-rich cloud-native applications across multiple devices, environments and clouds with DevOps best practices. We can help you reduce software defects, simplify processes, establish a lean and agile culture, and more. Contact us to get started.

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