Down with Dark Data: Your Strategy for Intelligent Data Management

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Editor's Note: Sirius and Forsythe are now one company. Sirius acquired Forsythe in October 2017 and we are pleased to share their exceptional thought leadership with you. 


In the drive to transform and modernize IT, backup remains critical. But IT modernization demands a new way of thinking about data, and that means a new way of thinking about backup.

In the past, all data was backed up equally. Today, the path to modernization requires going beyond backup to intelligent data management that enables innovation while driving efficiencies. We’re speaking with industry expert Adam Shomaker to learn how organizations can gain a new understanding of the backup and storage modernization.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The three questions organizations should ask to prepare for storage modernization.
  • How the answers can lead you to a data management strategy.
  • How to strive for efficiency, but not at the cost of security.
  • How the platform approach to data management can be customized to your unique business environment.

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