Boost Your Data Strategy With Unstructured Data

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Data deluge can be discouraging, but a good data strategy is all about gaining value from all of your data — no matter the format.

Traditionally, data was held in structured databases, but in today’s digital age, organizations are accessing unstructured data from numerous sources and often in large amounts. Sources such as web clickstreams, text messages, social media inputs, text documents, videos and medical imaging. Management of this unstructured big data can be an undertaking, but once reviewed and analyzed properly, it will provide actionable business insights.

The more data accessed and analyzed, the more knowledge about the business will be revealed, providing a clearer picture of how to meet organizational goals and customer expectations. However, making sense of all the unstructured data requires a great deal of planning before attempting to monetize it. When an organization takes the time to understand this data, it will gain insights that can help make better business decisions and transform the way it operates, boosting both its data intelligence and the bottom line.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The questions organizations should ask to address unstructured data challenges
  • How the answers can lead you to a data management strategy
  • How to prepare your company for digital transformation
  • How to develop insights and bring value to your business

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