7 Essentials for a Successful Data Governance Program


PODCAST ― Data is a precious commodity and it’s essential for staying ahead of the curve. However, to fully benefit from and effectively use data, an organization must have a data governance program that accounts for all the unique needs of the data it owns.

What is data governance?

Data governance is a program of decision rights and accountabilities to appropriately treat data as a strategic asset, including managing, leveraging and protecting it accordingly.

A successful data governance program enables businesses to confidently trust in their data and analytics to improve decision making, predict trends, shape unique customer experiences, determine ROI, and much more.

7 essentials for successful data governance

In this podcast, “The Fundamentals of a Data Governance Program,” Wendi O’Neill, Director, Data and Analytics, and Lee Pierce, Healthcare Chief Data Officer, cover the seven essential components for a successful data governance program:

  1. Data stewardship
  2. Data quality
  3. Metadata management
  4. Master and reference data management
  5. Data security management
  6. Data privacy
  7. Information lifecycle governance

Listen to this episode to learn more about the seven essentials for successful data governance and:

  • The definition of data governance
  • Reasons why organizations struggle with data governance
  • Guiding principles for a data governance program
  • How data privacy intertwines with data governance, and more!


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Sirius and IBM work together to provide data governance solutions specific to your organization’s needs and requirements. Learn more about data governance by participating in our data governance workshop, designed to help you create a roadmap that defines the right people, process and technology to build a data governance center of excellence.

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