The Top Components for a Successful and Strategic Cloud Deployment

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The cloud has become synonymous with benefits such as operational efficiency, agility and cost savings. While those benefits are very real, so are the challenges.

Given the growing complexity of environments and mission-critical workloads, implementing a tactical multi-cloud solution built on a solid foundation that supports top strategic IT initiatives is key to maximizing the business value of cloud. 

In this podcast, “The Top Components for Having a Successful Strategic Cloud Deployment”, industry experts Andrew Young and Brandon Seymour help to understand some of the key components to a strategic cloud deployment.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The importance of having a strong cloud foundation
  • The components of a solid cloud foundation
  • How to leverage existing tools to make cloud deployment easier
  • How you can engage with Sirius to receive a Sirius Cloud Readiness Assessment, proof of concepts/technical demos, or a customized Tech Talk

Listen to the podcast recording above or subscribe via Spotify, iTunes and TuneIn.

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