The Secret Life of Cloud Costs

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The Secret Life of Cloud Costs

Sirius and Forsythe are now one company. Sirius acquired Forsythe in October 2017 and we are pleased to share their exceptional thought leadership with you. Enjoy the podcast.


Moving to the cloud can bring you a number of business benefits, but it may cost more than you had planned.

According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud, users report an average of 30 percent wasted cloud spend, while RightScale measures actual waste between 30 and 45 percent.

The culprit behind these wasted resources: poor planning and hidden costs. To avoid unexpected cloud spend, you need a defined cloud strategy before you migrate.

In this episode, host Cherie Caswell Dost speaks with industry expert Dave Carlson, vice president, Forsythe Hosting Solutions about how to gain control of your cloud costs.

Listen to this episode of And There You Have IT to learn:

  • How to develop a cloud strategy that sets you up for success
  • The hidden costs associated with cloud and how to gain control before you migrate
  • Why you should focus on managing costs instead of cutting them
  • Four ways to optimize your cloud spend now

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