Securely Optimizing Your Next-Gen Mobile Workforce

Mobile devices have become the go-to for a workforce that is increasingly decentralized and on-the-go, thanks to virtualization and cloud-based applications that make it easier than ever to access enterprise resources anywhere, anytime. As employees become more reliant upon mobile devices to perform their jobs, they begin demanding more mobile applications, a simplified user experience, and greater performance.

In addition to managing an existing computing environment and all that is needed to keep applications up and running securely, IT must also grapple with the multiplying number of devices that aren’t even corporate-owned assets. The combination of more access points through these devices, sinister mobile malware and an ever-expanding number of employees working everywhere makes providing a secure, optimized IT environment that enables end-users to be as high performing as possible a herculean task.

Join us to learn:

  • Advantages of an intelligent digital workspace
  • Tips for a successful next-gen workspace strategy
  • Leveraging Windows 10 capabilities to support a mobile workforce
  • How to optimize cloud and edge computing to reach your BYOD goals

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