How Is Cloud Security Like a Pinball Machine?

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How is Cloud Security Like a Pinball Machine?

PODCAST — An increasing number of traditional organizations are turning to the cloud to increase scalability, flexibility, and productivity. While the benefits are clear, many IT security teams are struggling with the possible security implications associated with a shift to the cloud.

Think of securing your cloud environment like architecting a pinball machine: if you have a strong perimeter with thoughtful paths and restrictions inside, no matter how wildly the pinball bounces around, it will never go outside the boundaries you’ve built.

Building in security controls during development, along with a continuous and programmatic evaluation of those controls, is necessary to avoid placing the entire environment at risk.    

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How layering cloud security is like a pinball machine.
  • Common misconceptions about cloud security.
  • About the crucial need for ingrained security resources.

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