Expert Advice on How to Improve Security and Reliability in the Public Cloud

Cloud is ubiquitous and is available everywhere because data is proliferating at an astronomical rate. To cope with the influx of data, it’s no longer effective for many organizations to have multiple data centers.

A managed cloud services provider can help your business:

  • determine how profoundly it’s affected by data proliferation
  • determine what business directives your company is giving your IT team
  • analyze your data
  • optimize your environment for efficiency
  • deliver a solution for how to handle your data and manage it

If your organization is seeking a managed cloud service provider for high-level consulting purposes, it’s imperative to find one with professionals capable of speaking enterprise architecture language. In other words, capable of creating a common taxonomy to align the business to IT by taking the organizing logic of a business and enabling it through technology.

However, for many businesses moving to cloud, it’s often better to deal with the tactical perspective, get workloads moved, and create an immediate impact.

We invite you to watch our on demand webinar to hear how strategic partnerships with a global reach can help you with your managed cloud service needs, including security. Presenters hold leadership and technical support roles at Sirius, AWS and Check Point.

This on-demand webinar focuses on:

  • How Sirius AMS enables clients to focus their resources on things that bring immediate value to the business while creating a more robust, more secure, more efficient, and less easily disrupted operating environment in the cloud.
  • How Check Point delivered by Sirius on AWS can support the client’s cloud journey from start to finish.


Click here to listen to the complete demand webinar and learn how to transform your business with Sirius Cloud Managed Services powered by AWS Managed Services.

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Sirius and AWS Managed Services (AMS) have teamed up to provide a competitive advantage that further propels the quality and delivery of our end-to-end IT solutions. Sirius Cloud Managed Services powered by AMS helps you deploy, deliver, and manage applications in AWS, freeing up your staff to focus on activities that drive business value. Sirius and AWS have strategically positioned their cloud and managed services solutions to help bring your enterprise streamlined, optimized and simplified cloud success. Click here to learn how you can transform your business with Sirius and AWS Managed Services.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Its solutions protect clients from fifth-generation cyberattacks with an industry-leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other types of attacks. Together, Sirius and Check Point deliver innovative information security technologies needed now. Click here to explore how we can help secure your environment and consolidate your cybersecurity efforts.

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