Critical Cloud Conversations and Why Empowering Failure Is Vital to Success

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Critical Cloud Conversations

The term cloud can be a nebulous one. Cloud is a broad concept that can involve public, private, hybrid, colocation, multiple platforms, and multiple models. Any conversation about cloud should really be a conversation that incorporates the business, security, data, labor, and resource components of your impending journey.

When it comes to cloud strategy, the list of considerations is long. In this podcast, our expert, Alan Grantham, discusses why a successful cloud blueprint begins with a shift in mindset, a shift in culture, and a team of empowered humans ready to unlock the full business value of cloud 

In this episode, hear Alan Grantham talk more about these critical considerations:

  • Why cloud-first can be a challenge
  • How “faking it until you make it” leads to a bigger realization
  • The importance of failure, and why it should be rewarded

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This is the third episode in a four-part series: “Ten Things Traditional Enterprises Can Learn from Cloud-Native Companies.” Check out the full series:

Part 1: Why the Cloud Journey Must Be Transformational

Part 2: How Is Cloud Security Like a Pinball Machine?

Part 3: Critical Cloud Conversations and Why Empowering Failure Is Vital to Success

Part 4: The Future of Cloud and Data Analytics

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