Be Tomorrow: Forecasts Shift to the Hybrid Cloud

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Join host Cherie Caswell Dost, formerly of Chicago Public Radio, and industry experts James Brown, Forsythe solution architect, and Brian Peterson, former vice president of Forsythe Solutions Enablement.

In this episode, Cherie, James, and Brian discuss what it means to "Be Tomorrow."

According to VMware, “tomorrow’s” all-digital world is quickly approaching.

About 20 percent of businesses have fully embraced the cloud and considered prepared for the digital world of “tomorrow.” Which means 80 percent are stuck in the “be” stage, slowly moving towards a hybrid cloud model. VMware predicts a 50/50 split between public and private clouds within the next five to 10 years.

Technology strategists have stressed the importance of bridging the digital divide via a hybrid, unified cloud. This model gives enterprises agility — making it easier for them to innovate and stand out from their competitors. Businesses who take advantage of the hybrid cloud will become leaders in their industries, while those that don’t make the move will lag behind.

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