Avoid the Top 12 Cloud Deployment Mistakes

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Cloud deployments are a challenge for any organization, especially if you’re operating under false impressions or classic cloud myths.

In a recent article, CIO.com asked experts, “What are the most common cloud deployment mistakes?”

Here are the top 12 mistakes as discovered by CIO.com:

1. Thinking it’s easy to migrate

Could deployments are complex and anything but easy. Testing in controlled environments is key! Treat the deployment like a data center migration: plan, test, implement. You will find mistakes during testing that can be avoided during deployment.

2. Deploying without help

You will have a skills gap during cloud deployment. Don’t cut corners during a cloud migration. By working with a partner to have a successful deployment, you’ll save money by avoiding elongated projects and stretched budgets.

3. Not planning for migration phases

You don’t need to migrate your entire complex organization at once. There are several options your organization can take to start with smaller integrations, and build from there.

4. Relying on the cloud to solve all IT issues

To find success with the cloud, you must have a solid overarching IT management strategy. To avoid adding complexity with your cloud deployment, start with an analysis of how your existing infrastructure is being used by business units across the organization.

5. Viewing your cloud deployment as a virtualization extension

Organizations that make this mistake usually employ existing tools and manual processes with a cloud orchestration environment. The outcome can be a slight improvements to the virtualization environment, without reaching the next level to meet user expectations and demands.

6. Not focusing on the bigger picture

Keep in mind that the big picture is to make the entire business cloud ready, not just IT. When business operations can take advantage of the cloud, the entire organization will be prepared to undertake the evolving adaption cycle.

7. Choosing a cloud service without consulting users

Deploying a cloud initiative is a great opportunity for IT to enhance and strengthen its relationship with end users. Collaborate with other employees and find out what they need to be productive.

8. Neglecting your infrastructure

Be mindful of the impact to your network. Make sure you build it out to handle the appropriate transaction volume and users without sacrificing performance and efficiency.

9. Forgetting the physical limitations

The cloud is almost always powered by large, physical technology. Don’t forget to factor in maintenance for quality, testing for failures, and recovery plans for incidents.

10. Treating cloud deployment like a physical data center deployment

Don’t think of your cloud infrastructure like your data center infrastructure. They have different costs and benefits. Cloud deployment not only saves on equipment and brick-and-mortar costs, but through automation abilities also save more by improving workflows and increasing productivity.

11. Prepare a strategy for change

Once you’ve migrated to the cloud, the adaptation will be an evolving process. There will come a day when you your cloud needs will be met more efficiently by a different provider.

12. Ignoring hybrid solution options

Don’t avoid hybrid solution options. You can find greater flexibility and cost control, in addition to increased functionality. Don’t think about cloud deployment alone. Focus on the best way to operate a hybrid environment, seamlessly incorporating both legacy and digital cloud capabilities.

Read the full article, 20 Cloud Deployment Mistakes to Avoid, on CIO.com.

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