Do you know what end of support (EOS) for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 will mean for your business? Do you know how the end of support will affect your current IT workload environment? Your

In today’s always-on world there is a constant drive to transform and modernize IT, and it’s that demand for modernization that can cause IT priorities to shift and change in an organization struggling to keep up. You

Running workloads on multiple platforms and having silo issues? Tired of having to compromise or choose between different key aspects of your IT, such as security, agility, speed and application? Compromise no more. A virtual data center can

Today’s complex modern infrastructure has shown incredible value for organizations of all sizes, allowing for astounding convenience and innovation. However, malicious actors are taking advantage of newfound vulnerabilities with increasingly sophisticated security threats. The result of innovation

Understanding what applications you have and what roles those applications play within your business is the first step to improving your application environment. Application rationalization will help improve efficiency, reduce complexity and start you on the path

IT organizations are under pressure to innovate and drive business value. They are turning to the cloud and data center colocation to cut costs, gain efficiencies, deliver on-demand services and provide the business with a competitive advantage.

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