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Lisa Friesenhahn

Lisa Friesenhahn

Vice President, Financial Services, Sirius

Lisa Friesenhahn started her career in 1986 with Star Data Systems, which would later become Sirius Computer Solutions. She held several positions in the accounting department, before starting the company’s leasing business in 1994.

In 1997, Friesenhahn moved to Business Partner Solutions (which eventually became part of the Technology Solutions operating group of Avnet, Inc.) when that company acquired Sirius’ distribution business. During her 20-year tenure at those companies, Friesenhahn ran the Leasing, IBM Global Services, Remarketing, and SMB Sales teams, with her most recent role as vice president of Financial Programs. Under her leadership and direction, both the Leasing and Services teams continued to prosper and achieve year-to-year growth targets. She rejoined Sirius as vice president of Financial Services in 2017.

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