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  • Month: July 2021

The need to share data has always been critical for business. However, during the 2020 global pandemic, this need grew exponentially‚ÄĒand there is no going back. Many organizations were already struggling with legacy data and analytics solutions

Security that moves at the speed of digital transformation is a necessity, but it often comes with a price. Loss of visibility and control, increased complexity, and increased costs are symptoms that can affect environments using multiple

Traditional application architectures have long used the standard application server deployment processes. However, usage of these servers is declining because these processes are archaic, complex and inefficient. These servers cannot support modern DevOps methods, such as continuous

At the start of 2020, remote work went from possible, to essential. This caused a rising tide of endpoints for the IT team to manage and protect. While the quick response was necessary, it did cause many

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